One of the key motivating factors in the founding of MMF Canada was the consensus among Canadian Music Managers that there was a real need to raise professional standards in management by educating up-and-coming Managers including self-managed artists. Incorporated in the year 2000, the MMF Canada began to seek out ways to help artist managers develop their knowledge of the music industry and their artists careers, strengthen the profession of the Canadian Music Manager, and strengthen the Canadian Music Industry as a whole through the sharing of information and best practices.

From the beginning, MMF Canada has been to forming partnerships with provincial music industry associations and conference presenters across Canada to help foster educational activity and to help artists and managers reach a larger audience. Over the years the MMF Canada developed a professional development series called the ‘Cross Country Workshop Series’, with the purpose of helping artist managers in each and every province.

The Cross Country Workshop Series has a successful track record of presenting workshops across Canada, having organized and executed successful sessions from British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland and Labrador in the east, and every province in between. Hundreds of managers, artists, agents and related professionals with a wide range of experiences have taken part in these initiatives to help educate, share ideas and work towards raising the standards of the profession. The Cross Country Workshop Series has filled a void in management education for artist managers and has received exceptional levels of support and praise from all provincial music associations, conference event holders, funding bodies and attendees from across Canada. Become a Member to take full advantage of the resources MMF Canada offers.

“Until the formation of the Music Managers Forum, music managers were the only part of the industry that did not have their own association. They had to work alone, make mistakes alone and negotiate with powerful multi-nationals on their own. There were no means of sharing and learning from the experiences of other managers, no forum for discussing common concerns…we need a united front in order to make our views and needs clear now.” – Dennis Muirhead, Founder Chairman of the MMF UK